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  • Massage and Positive Effects, Any Comments?
    03/09/2020 - relaxation4all 2 Comments
    Massage and Positive Effects, Any Comments?


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  • Father’s Day Gift Certificates Available`
    06/12/2019 - relaxation4all 0 Comments
    Father’s Day Gift Certificates Available

    Hello All,

    Need a great last minute gift idea!

    Call and I will electronically send your Father’s Day Gift Certificate today!

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  • Massage is Not Only for Relaxation!
    05/30/2019 - relaxation4all 0 Comments
    Massage is Not Only for Relaxation!

    If you think that massage is only for relaxation…think again!

    If you have aches and pains that won’t go away set up an massage appointment.  Your therapist can work on your issues, recommend at home techniques to help reduce discomfort and improve range of motion.

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  • Self Massage
    04/15/2019 - relaxation4all 0 Comments
    Self Massage

    Self Massage is an awesome modality to use if you need instant pain relief.

    This technique can be used at home, work or traveling in between your massage appointments.

    Schedule an appointment with me and I will show you how!

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  • Are You New to Massage?
    02/06/2019 - relaxation4all 0 Comments
    Are You New to Massage?

    Ask your friends if they have a massage therapist recommendation.

    When scheduling your 1st appointment, speak with the therapist so you can ask any questions and see if you feel comfortable.

    When you arrive, fill out the client intake form completely.

    Remember this is your session so if you need the headrest or bolster adjusted, you’re hot or cold, you need more or less pressure, let the therapist know so you will enjoy your experience to the fullest!

    You will be delighted if you schedule your first massage with me in Sunny Phoenix, Arizona!

    Michele Rosen, LMT.



    March 2019

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